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Welcome to the British Forces Post Office's Bulletin Board!

Please Help Us Protect Our Troops By Not Posting Messages
That Contain Rank, Units, Locations and Surnames.

We cannot post messages that contain any information or dates
(specific or non-specific) relating to troop movements or R & R travel!

To post a message you must enter at least your first name and email address

These messages can be seen by any person logging onto our site and may be printed and posted by units on operations around the world. It is extremely important not to post any information that may tie together a soldiers name, rank or location. Use nicknames or just first names. These postings are not e-blueys or E-mail! This Bulletin Board is provided by the British Forces Post Office to enable the public and friends and family to post messages to our troops serving all over the globe. Upon receipt these messages will be reviewed for appropriate language and content and you may experience up to 24 hours delays for posting and viewing.